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Location-specific solar/lunar data plus barometric pressure impact gives accurate current fish feeding activity and future forecasts through 2099. Are you both a weather enthusiast and a keen angler? If so then this product is definitely for you!

The Speedtech Instruments AE-2 Angler's EDGE Plus Fishing Predictor is a sportsman weather device that is specially designed for fishermen, predicting freshwater and saltwater fish activity and feeding behavior for the present and for the next four hours, or for a user specified future date. This system is based upon several key factors affecting fish behavior. Moon phase and sun/moon position influences not only tides but also fish migration, spawning, and feeding. Barometric pressure and weather conditions along with time of day and daylight intensity have long been known to influence fish activity. The built-in EDGE technology algorithm incorporates all these factors combined with observational and experimental data from fishing tournaments, scientific study results, and meteorological data. The Angler's Edge is a great tool for anyone who likes to fish!

Anglers Edge




AE-2 Angler's EDGE Plus Fishing Predictor

AE-2 Angler's EDGE Plus Fishing Predictor Manual

AE-2 Angler's EDGE Plus Fishing Predictor Manual