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We have been a provider of complete magneto’s and spares for over 60 years.

Bendix Magneto’s

Bendix, TCM, CMI magnetos are commonly referred to as “Bendix Mags” or Bendix Magnetos. Since 1947, Bendix Magnetos have been in continuous production. Bendix Magnetos are known for light weight, compact design, reliability, and high output. There are four different series of Bendix Magnetos offered currently S-20, short cover, S-200, and S-1200 series. The S-20 series Bendix magneto can be impulse coupled or direct drive.

Slick Magneto’s

Slick Magnetos offer a smaller and lighter design compared to other aircraft magnetos. The light weight of the part allows for easier installation of a Slick Magneto. The noise suppression of the magneto is also a feature that allows for the elimination of magneto filters on Slick Magnetos. Parts for Slick magnetos are engineered for balanced wear which allows for predictable wear on the part and time for servicing. Another benefit of Slick Magnetos is the ease to keep up maintenance due to new parts used for servicing. All repair work for a Slick Magneto is to be completed in compliance with Champion manual L1363.

What is a Magneto

A Magneto is part of the ignition system for an aircraft which is separate from the other electrical systems in the plane. Magneto’s provide the electrical spark to ignite the fuel/air mixture in the engine cylinders of aviation piston engines. For almost all reciprocating aircraft engines,  Magneto’s can be used for the ignition system.

The  Magneto is an engine-driven self-contained unit that acts as small generator which require no external source of current. Aircraft engines with Magneto’s will have a dual ignition system with two magneto’s for each engine. The two separate Magneto’s provide better performance and redundancy in case of failure of one of the magneto’s.

Magneto Spares

Magneto Magneto Harness Slick Magneto