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Aviation Support & Meteorological Instruments C W Price & Co - Aviation Support & Meteorological Instruments
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C W Price & Co has been an importer and supplier of meteorological balloons for 49 years to various weather services in southern Africa, with at least 30 years of these with our current supplier Totex Corporation from Japan.

These natural rubber latex balloons are also used for promotions, event decorations and the film industry.

There is a close relationship between meteorological phenomenon and the environment, that relationship is something very important in the context of our lives.

One way to observe meteorological phenomena is through radiosonde observations, under the direction of the World Meteorological Organization, observation tools (radiosondes) are suspended from balloons that are launched into the air daily.

Meteorological Balloons

These balloons float to an elevation of about 30 km from the ground to observe the state of our atmosphere in terms of pressure, temperature, humidity, wind direction and wind speed. This data is then used as an aid in forecasting.

Balloons normally stocked in limited quantities are:

Meteorological Balloons