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Peltor Helicopter Headset

Peltor™ 8006 Headset

If the open blue skies are your office then Peltor™ aviation headsets are a must have for pilots and crew of airplanes and helicopters. Built featuring the latest technology, these noise-cancelling aviation headsets let you converse with aerial traffic and ground control without having to worry about mixed signals or interference. Ensuring that messages are heard loud and clear through precise sound capturing microphones and receive static free information through comfort-optimized ear muffs. Get quality communication solutions all while sealing out the roar of the runway with Peltor™ aviation headsets.


Peltor™ Pilot Headsets

Peltor 8006 Aviation Headset

Peltor™ Ground Mechanic Headset

This is a high visibility headset designed for use by ground engineers. It has a dynamic differential microphone and offers excellent ambient noise compensation and a built-in microphone amplifier.

The Bluetooth connection between headset and adapter is designed to ensure an efficient and safe pushback

The frequency range of the earphones gives good sound reproduction.

Headset for communication between ground and aircraft cockpit.



Peltor Ground Mechanic Headset

Peltor™ Aviation Headset Brochure

Peltor™ Aviation Headset Brochure

Peltor™ Ground Mechanic Headset Brochure

Peltor™ Ground Mechanic Headset Brochure Peltor Ground Mechanic Headset Adapter Peltor Ground Mechanic Headset