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The Weather Data You Need

This wireless weather station provides accurate, reliable weather monitoring in a self-contained easy-to-install system. Includes outdoor sensor assembly.

Vantage Vue gives you the weather data you need, and more. Get current weather conditions and weather forecast icons, moon phase, sunrise/sunset times, graphing of weather trends, alarms and more. Vantage Vue also boasts the unique Weather Center button that displays additional data on weather variables for today and over the last 25 days.

Sensor Data

You’ll see current weather conditions, including indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, dew point and rainfall.


Your outdoor sensor suite sets up in minutes and transmits data wirelessly to your console anywhere up to 1,000' (300 m) away in your home, school or business.

Solar-Powered, Integrated Wireless System Makes Installation A Snap

Setting up this station couldn’t be easier. Install the outdoor sensor suite in minutes, then watch the data wirelessly transmit to your console. That’s it!

Davis Weather Stations - Vantage Vue

Sleek But Tough, Vantage Vue Gives You All The Weather Data You Need:

View And Store Your Weather Data On Your Computer Or Online

When you add one of our optional WeatherLink data loggers and software, you’ll be able store your data on your computer and run additional analyses. With WeatherLinkIP, your data is also automatically uploaded to your page, where you can view, store and share it.

Designed For Minimal Visual Impact In Your Yard Or On Your Roof

The small profile, white sensor suite blends in with most surroundings, giving you the data you want with inconspicuous style.

Vantage Vue Spec Sheet

Vantage Vue Spec Sheet Davis Weather Stations - Vantage Vue Davis Weather Stations - Vantage Vue

Davis Instruments Catalog

Davis Instruments Catalog

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