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The VitalTemp Monitor is a locally developed complete solution for near live remote area monitoring of Fridges, Freezers, Cold Rooms, Server rooms and General Area Temperature or Temp / Humidity for the Pharmaceutical, Warehouse, IT industry and anyone in general that requires Temperature and Humidity information.

Our smart GPRS Modem continuously interrogates the temperature or temp/rh sensors and then relays data via GPRS to our dedicated server at 5 minute intervals (Literally Live).

Temperature and Humidity data along with 24 hour history graphs may then be viewed on any web enabled computer or smart cell phone.

History graphs of data can be viewed for any recorded period and if required saved as a .csv file for future analysis.

In addition we have an Analytics tab which will display average temperature / humidity bar graphs on an annual or monthly basis.

Report Tab

VitalTemp has settable alarms for temperatures that exceed set ranges which makes it a perfect solution for monitoring fridges, freezers and server rooms etc.

The online control panel allows email alerts to be sent out to up to three recipients.

On some of the older systems, data had to be collected manually from each site which is an unnecessary expense in terms of time and resources.

VitalTemp removes all of this and feeds data automatically to VitalTemp Server allowing viewing of multiple sites on one web page.

VitalTemp has the ability to monitor up to 12 points per station with simple 1 wire connectivity between points.

These features should go a long way in enhancing safety and the ability to make informed go-no go decisions.

For VitalTemp go to     Username: vital       Password: temp



Ideal Monitoring For

Accuracy and Specifications

Humidity: 0-100%  +/-3%RH

Temperature: -40 to 70 deg C +/- 0.3 deg C @ 25 deg C

Points: Up to 12 probes, connecting via single 4 core wire

Sample time: 5 minutes

VitalTemp System Warehouse Temperature Monitoring

For more information visit their website.

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